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As a proud resident of Rockford and the 67th district, I strongly believe in the importance that WE come together to make our community thrive.  In 2013, I stepped out of my comfort zone and fear to advocate for my community.  During my time out in our community, and having the privilege to work in workforce development and career development, I was provided a keen awareness of what WE need.  

Below is a list of accomplishments that I'm most proud of!  My success as a State Rep, comes from me listening to you - thus, majority of my proud moments came from me following your ideas!  


That's what the power of WE truly means.


The most important resource that my office prioritizes is Constituental Service.  I have over 108,000 bosses, who are the residents of the 67th district - every one of you. No matter your party affiliation or whether or not you will ever vote for me - you call, we answer.  


Here are the numbers from January 2019 to July 2022:

  • Approximately 1,500 constituent issues solved, recommendations made, or resources provided.

  • Approximately 3,000 constituent advocacy calls and emails taken.

  • In 2019, approximately 1,000 constituents attended events either hosted directly by or in partnership with my office (This does not include events where you invited me to speak or I simply attend).


Since January 2021, I've filed 52 bills and 15 resolutions, and I look forward to continuing the fight on these bills next term.  To view the bills and resolutions that I filed, click here.

Of the 52, thirteen of them were signed into law by the Governor:


  • HB24: Ramifications of Sexting in Schools

  • HB96: Tinted Windows on Automobiles

  • HB4201: Benefits Navigator in Public Universities

  • HB4674: Nursing Home Inspections

  • HB5295: Pensions | Chicago Police and Disability 

  • SB60: Surplus State Property

  • SB190: Homeless Liason in Public Universities

  • SB685: Domestic Violence Fatal Review Team

  • SB825: Illinois Voting Empowerment 

  • SB2278: County Mental Health Board

  • SB2312: Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act

  • SB3667: Electronic Protective Orders


  • Workforce Development (AAR): $5.2 Million in ​grants for workforce development going to the Workforce Connection. This included new paid apprenticeships as part of a training program for AAR's Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facility.

  • Workforce Equity Initiative: Nearly $3 Million in ​grants awarded to Rock Valley College to serve our community helps to address disparities specifically by requiring that 60% of the participants have to be African American.

  • Back to Business Grants: Over $3 Million in ​Back to Business grants awarded to businesses within the 67th District.  These grants helped to support businesses and industries hardest hit by the pandemic.

  • Building Trades Diversity Funding: $400,000 ​grant awarded to EDDR Foundation Rockford to expand the talent pipeline and boost diversity for the rapid expansion of well-paying jobs in the construction industry and building trades.

  • COVID Summer Youth Employment Grant: $500,000 grant awarded to the Rockford Park District to employ 100 at-risk youth over the summer.

  • Resume Services: My district office offers resume writing service free to constituents. 


Priority #1 as I strive to be accessible to constituents is to SHOW UP.  Doing this is the biggest way to support great causes that are happening in the 67th District.  That part is easy and fun. When you invite me, I will show up if my schedule allows - no matter who you are and what the topic is.  I've accepted invitations to groups that I know disagrees with my stance - but if you call, I show up.  

However, another way to show up and support is to give not just my time, but financial support.  Since January 2019 my political organization has contributed over $60,000 to community organizations, non profit organizations, drives and fundraisers within our community. My team raises money so that we can spend money within our community.  From providing funding for 501(c)3 applications, to helping those in need, Citizen for Maurice West II is for and by the citizens.  


Democrats have a super-majority in the House of Representatives. Naturally, seating is limited on the Democratic side of the aisle. My seat is deep on the Republican side of the aisle - ON PURPOSE. I chose to sit on that side to build relationships with Republican colleagues to work together on a united front for the State of Illinois. Politics is already polarizing - and I REFUSE to play part in that polarization. 


Everything that was mentioned above can be confirmed through the numerous videos that I created to keep constituents informed with what I'm doing. 

  • Come with Me to Springfield: Video segments to allow constituents to know what I am doing while I'm in session in Springfield. This includes bills that I filed and what was taken care of each week.

  • Community Connections: During this pandemic I aired numerous segments that kept our community connected to positive moments of resilience and resources - rather than polarizing, confusing arguments about COVID-19 and how it affects Illinois.

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