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Each district elects two people to be on the State Central Committee - one man to be Committeeman and one woman to be Committeewoman. 

The main duties of a State Central Committeeman or Committeewoman are to:

  • Recruit candidates to run for office

  • Help candidates get elected

  • Be the liaison between the Democratic Party of Illinois and the local parties in the 17th Congressional District

What excites Maurice about being your State Central Committeeman is that he can do all he can to ensure all Democratic candidates has 

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an effective message for the voters that they desire to represent. Maurice is tired of seeing democratic candidates running for office with no message. That is something he cannot support, but will do all he can to change.

Shortly after being appointed in September 2021, DPI Chair Robin Kelly appointed Maurice to be the Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois communications committee.  Working alongside people from throughout the state, he's leading the charge of understanding, mobilizing and strategizing what the Democratic message is throughout the state through Local Ambassadors.

Maurice is also committed to being a support to all 14 counties in the 17th Congressional District.  He's on a mission to be in attendance at least one central committee meetings in every county before he reaches his first year anniversary of being a SCC member.

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