Believe in the POWER


As a proud resident of Rockford and the 67th district, I strongly believe that it is so important that WE come together in so many ways.  Five years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone, and fear, to advocate for my community.  During my time out in our community, and having the privilege to work in workforce development and career development, I was given a keen awareness of what WE need.  Now, when I say WE I am not just referring to you and me – but I am speaking on issues that I plan to advocate for in Springfield.  


Recidivism, or re-offense, is common for those who find it hard to find opportunities upon their return to society. That is why I desire to create a statewide Deferred Prosecution Program, a department within a statewide Reentry Program - that is how you start the process of reducing crime

JOBS is a word that all candidates scream from the hilltops.  However, I am a firm believer that in order to bring jobs in our district, WE must focus on the skills gap.  Employers come to our city just to see that 44,000 people are without GEDs or high school diplomas.  LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATIONS.  Everyone is not cut out to go to college - nothing wrong with that.  But EVERYONE is cut out to get a license or certification in any field.  Let's work on this together.


EMBRACE THE SPACE!  I want to work with other legislatures and organizations to see more women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.  I will also work with the Unions to get more women and minority representation in the Unions.  I know that the rumor is that you need to know someone to get into the Unions - well, you will know me and I will help you get a seat to the table.

As a public servant, I support equal rights for all.  Why is it that women are still being paid less than men?!  We are still at $.72 of the dollar for women.  Even worse, black women are at $.63 and Hispanic women are at $.54 of the dollar!  This is unacceptable.  While in office, I will keep a close eye on Title IX and the Equal Pay Law to ensure future legislation do not serve as contradictions.


I remember when I landed my very first job at Beef-A-Roo making $5.15/hr!  Obviously things have changed, and so has the cost of living.  That is why I voted to raise the Illinois minimum wage. 


I’ve worked extensively in developing our workforce, I would like to confidently work on providing more jobs for the 67th district.  I will advocate for tax incentives that brings corporations to Illinois and to Rockford.  

At these job fairs, I will have the Unions/Trades in attendance who are offering apprenticeship opportunities.  Apprenticeships pave the way for LICENSURE and CERTIFICATIONS that will prepare my constituents to become more marketable for the workforce.  



When you call, I'll answer.  When you stop by, if available, we're sitting down to chat.  I am not running because I am ambitious.  I'm running for State Representative because I love you, and I want the best for you.  I genuinely care about you and yours and I'd like to know what I can do to help you.  That is the level of care that a lot of our politicians lack.  

Let's talk about child care, let's brainstorm about public transportation in our district.  I may not have to jurisdictional power to affect change in some areas - but I will know who does.

Majority of my time during a calendar year will be in my district - so it is imperative to me that I am involved in my district.  Helping organizations and groups to push agendas that benefit the residents of the 67th district.  That's the true essence of believing in the POWER of WE.

© 2020 by Citizens for Maurice West II.  

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